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What is The College Career Hub?

Welcome to The College Career Hub! We’re here to provide a modern online approach to the traditional on-campus career center while still providing you with the quality career advice and tips needed to prosper in your future career.

No matter what industry you’re studying, our career development tips and tricks can help you to build a professional resume, nail your next job interview, excel in that summer internship and land your dream job after you’ve graduated. 

The College Career Hub aspires to help college students from all states, backgrounds, and school sizes. As we know not all college campuses are made equal. Some college campuses have designated career centers while others may not. We make it easy for any college student to access the career development tools and advice needed to be successful come graduation.

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Hello College Career Hub!

Hello College Career Hub!

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About Our Digital Career Center

Career Advice for college students isn’t always easily accessible. Yes, while many colleges have on campus career centers and career services there to help you develop your skills. There can often be limitations to being able to use these services such as the hours of operation, appointment only visits, 10’s of thousands of students with minimal career resources and much more.

The College Career Hub is the first digital career center aimed specifically at giving college students all over the United States the opportunity to develop their career skills, experiences and professionalism in order to give students the best chance at excelling in their career.

Keep in the loop with The College Career Hub’s latest articles featuring the best career development tips and advice for college students, along with other important news in careers, business, and professional development.

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Check out our expert career development resources, design specifically to help college students thrive in their future careers.

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Expert Career Advice

Many students have busy lives while in college, between balancing, class, student employment, extra curricular activities and much more. Visiting the career center at your school might be the last thing on your to do list. The College Career Hub looks to make career development simple by offering college students career advice, tips and resources at your finger tips that can help to improve your professional development all while allowing you to live your busy college life. 

Resume Writing Tips

On average an employer looks at your resume for only 6 seconds. This 6 seconds means the difference between getting an interview or having your resume tossed into a pile with 100’s of others.

Having a professional, well written resume that stands out is essential when applying for a job, interview or any other recruitment process. We will provide yu with the tools and resources to create a professional resume.



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Job Interviews Prep

So you’ve perfected your resume and now you’re starting to get interviews with various employers for the jobs & internships you applied for. The interview process can often be quite daunting and leave you wondering how to put your best foot forward in the interview process.

Interview prep and practice are the best ways to enhance your chances of nailing your next job interview.

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Internship Advice

The current job market is becoming more competitive everyday, this makes it important that you can differentiate yourself from your competition. Internships are the perfect way to gain real life experience in your chosen industry. By completing internships over the time that you’re in college it can help to build your resume, gain crutial experience, and develop your professional skills all while you work towards gaining your degree.

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Let’s be real, when applying for a job you’re up against 100’s of other students with the same experience and knowledge that you have, with little on paper to differentiate between applicants. This is where professionalism comes into play, often in the interview process the difference comes down to the person’s professionalism. This means, being on time, looking the part, coming prepared and much more. 


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Utilizing LinkedIn for Career Development

LinkedIn has become one of the biggest social media platforms designed for business, employment, and professional networking. Leveraging LinkedIn in college is extremely beneficial for building your personal brand and expanding your professional network.

Having a thought out and detailed LinkedIn profile is the first step you should take on your career development journey. There are over 58 million companies on linkedin with 6 people hired every minute on the platform and 95 applications submitted every second.

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